OnlyFans vs. JustForFans

OnlyFans vs. JustForFans:
Which Fan Subscription Service is Best For You?

With news reports of OnlyFans stars making over $100,000 a year, you too may be wondering if starting an OnlyFans is right for you. However, there are more options out there today for making money off private social media feeds. One of the largest competitors to OnlyFans is JustForFans – a site primarily focused on a gay, male audience.

A Little History

Found in 2016, OnlyFans started as a way for personal trainers, social media influencers, and celebrities to launch a social media feed that followers have to pay to access. Not surprisingly, adult performers quickly joined OnlyFans and launched their own feeds in order to earn money through both professional and amateur pornographic work. With a more intimate, authentic feel, OnlyFans quickly rocketed up to what is now (as of May 2020) the 23rd most popular adult website in the world according to SimilarWeb.

After starting his own OnlyFans in October 2017, adult performer Dominic Ford decided to launch a competing platform called JustForFans. He developedJust ForFans in order to address issues like slow load times, a lack of accountability, and other issues OnlyFans was facing during a period of rapid growth in 2017. In addition, unlike OnlyFans, JustForFans is solely focused on pornographic content.

In this article, we will compare OnlyFans vs JustForFans to determine which social media platform is best for you. Or if using both may be the best solution for you.

Which has more web traffic?

The number of subscribers you can acquire is obviously larger when a service has more users. Not surprisingly, OnlyFans has a much larger user base than JustForFans. However, OnlyFans lacks the specific focus on male erotic content, so this user base is spread over many different types of content, including straight porn, fitness, and other types of social media influencers.

OnlyFans vs JustForFans Web Traffic

With 117.02 million visits in the last six month, OnlyFans is 70 time larger than JustForFans! It seems obvious that OnlyFans should be the way to go and your sole focus for publishing adult content. However, you need to consider how people will be able to find your OnlyFans or JustForFans account to follow aka discoverability. If you publish content that no one can find to follow, it doesn’t matter how many users a platform like OnlyFans or JustForFans has.


Discoverability is how easy is it for potential fans for to find and subscribe to your content. This is an area where JustForFans is much, much better than OnlyFans.

On OnlyFans, there is no way to explore potential OnlyFans accounts outside of a search bar. This means fans already need to know about you if they want to find you on OnlyFans. There is almost no opportunity for organic discovery.

The only way to get “discovered” on OnlyFans is to be tagged in another creator’s content – as in below:

Being Successful On OnlyFans Requires Two Things:

  1. Having a large existing following that is willing to pay for more content for you.
  2. Time to invest in relationships with other top OnlyFans creators to have them share your profile.

Without those two things, no one is going to be able to find or discover your OnlyFans profile. You can read more about being successful on OnlyFans here.

On JustForFans, there are a ton of ways for potential fans to discover your profile. Because JustForFans focuses on pornography, the site can specialize in helping people find content they want to pay for. 

JustForFans Menu

On the JustForFans home page it is immediately apparent that this website is built to help users find your content. Compare that to OnlyFans where individuals can only subscribe to you if they already know who you are or someone they follow recommends your profile. On JustForFans you have the ability to:

  • Feature content and subscription sales
  • Offer free video previews
  • Perform live on camera
  • Be found through “Explore Models Search”
  • Attract fans by placing your content in specific categories
  • Group yourself with other models into a “studio” and make money as a group.
Take a look through JustForFans to see all of the myriad ways people can discover your content. One of the best features that OnlyFans does not have is the ability of users to search Categories:
JustForFans Categories

There are over 30 Categories to help potential fans discover your content. JustForFans’ users can also sort by recently update, top sellers, post frequency, and newest models, so JustForFans rewards the most active models on the platform. 

JustForFans & OnlyFans Payment and Affiliate Programs

What Percentage Do You Make on OnlyFans or JustForFans?

  • OnlyFans takes 20% and you earn 80%
  • JustForFans takes 30% and you earn 70%

What % Do You Earn By Referring Other Models/Performers

What % Do You Earn By Referring Other Subscribers

  • OnlyFans does not have an affiliate program for referring subscribers
  • JustForFans allows you to earn 10% of all new subscriber revenue in their first 31 days. 

While you earn less with JustForFans than OnlyFans, the fact that JustForFans has an affiliate program for new subscribers is a powerful tool you can use to get others to share your profile. Blogs, social media influencers, large Twitter accounts, can all earn money when they send new subscribers to your profile. This is not true for OnlyFans. Reach out to different platforms and encourage them to sign up for the JustForFans affiliate program. Then they can also earn money when people sign up to follow your JustForFans’ account. 


If you plan on publishing adult content, starting a JustForFans account should be a part of your strategy to acquire new followers. JustForFans will help you reach individuals who don’t follow you on social media because the platform is much better on discovery. In addition, JustForFans is the only platform that will reward publishers like blogs and social media account for driving new subscribers.


Because of OnlyFans’ size, you should still offer that as an option for your subscribers. Publishing the same content on both platforms is going to ensure you reach the largest possible audience and make the most money. 


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