The Box Menswear Trip That Broke Instagram

Box Menswear Thailand Group

Box Menswear did us all a favor when it brought together some of the sexiest men of Instagram and OnlyFans together for an amazing trip to Thailand.

Thanks to the incredible photography of Jake O’Donnell and Carlos Trey Salazar, we have some hot content to share with you. Here are a few of our OnlyFans guys who took part of the trip.

Starting with some hot photos in an airplane bathroom, Dan Tai does not disappoint. This ex-rugby player and CrossFit addict teams up with the other boys for some hot content you can find on his OnlyFans

Rhys has one of the naughtiest OnlyFans Accounts around, and he took full advantage of this Thailand trip to hang out with the other guys. As you can see, he fills out his Box Menswear quite nicely.

Max may not have the same chunky muscles as his travel companions, but this cute blond brings his own sexy vibe to the Thailand trip. Max has never been afraid to show us some naughty behavior, so make sure to check out his OnlyFans.

Josh takes full advantage of Thailand to take some very sexy pictures. Josh has two OnlyFans accounts, one as himself and one as a couple


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