Top 10 Hottest Guys on OnlyFans – May 2020

Our Top Rated Hottest Guys of OnlyFans for May 2020

Our readers at OnlyFans Reviews are invited to rate OnlyFans accounts in order to help others determine who is worth paying up for and following. If your favorite is not yet on our site, please add them here. We’ve curated ten of our favorites for you to follow and discover.

Here are some of the hottest, sexiest straight and gay guys you can add on OnlyFans. From hardcore sex scenes to two straight guys playing around, we have it all covered. 


Described in our reviews as “very sexy”, @nescandel has teamed up with his husband @indiboy (formerly @theweatherman) to create consistent, sexy hardcore content. With almost 100,000 followers between him and his husband, you may already be familiar with nescandel’s content from Instagram.

You can expect to find lots hot guys, both straight and gay, joining in their videos for threesomes, jerk-offs and other graphic content. @Nescandel is delivering hunky, sexy content every week, so there is always something new to check out.

Just be warned, you will have to pay up for longer versions of individual videos if you want the full experience, so his account can get a bit pricey. 


Will Hatton is a straight guy from London whose OnlyFans is definitely one to follow. @shredxx is good friends with Dan Tai and they frequently appear together on Instagram. We are all looking forward to when they collaborate on OnlyFans as well.

Will Hatton (@shred_kelly on Instagram) is not afraid to share full-frontal pics and jerk off videos. He doesn’t quite do gay-for-play yet, however you can watch him get into some action with ladies on his OnlyFans’ account. 

With big legs and a big dick, Will Hatton aka @shredxx is here to please his fans.


Carlos is back on OnlyFans, Twitter, and Instagram as @plus01. Carlos is does fitness, training, and showing off is sexy body for a living.

You can expect plenty of jack off videos with Carlos. In addition, he has some fun extras for sale through his messages. Also, while not featured on his own page, there are rumors that you can watch him getting fucked on @mrmoreno8. We’ve watched these videos and while the body looks like @plus01, there is no face in them so we can not confirm.

Comment below and let us know what you’ve found.


Mark Tanner has the boy next door, twunk vibes we’ve been looking for. He is relatively new to OnlyFans but has definitely gotten off to quite the “bang.”

He is already frequently collaborating with other sexy guys. Mark Tanner is not afraid to show off some real hardcore content. Through his account, you are going to discover tons of hot new guys to follow as well. Now with over 60 videos, there is a ton to see for new subscribers.

He is promising daily posts so $7.99 seems like quite the deal.


Paul Cassidy, a bel ami porn regular, is on OnlyFans and JustForFans as @blondiepaul. With over 170,000 likes on OnlyFans, Paul is going above and beyond in delivering custom content for his fans.

Since Paul Cassidy does porn, it is easy to find hardcore content featuring this blond hunk. OnlyFans gives @blondiepaul a way to develop a special connection with his fans and give them a behind the scenes look at all the naughty action he and his friends are up to. 

Thanks to JustForFans, we can provide this video preview of @blondiepaul:


Griffin Barrows has over 8 million views on his top pinned tweet, and there is good reason for it. Now with over 420 videos on his OnlyFans and JustForFans, Griffin Barrows is working hard to deliver sexy, hardcore content to his biggest fans.


If you love dick sucking, Griffin is a real expert, and has many compilation videos of his best work. He has a lot of sexy friends from around the world, so there is always something new on his page to enjoy. Edging, fucking, kink, it is all available on Griffin Barrow’s OnlyFans page and JustForFans Page


Thanks to JustForFans, we can provide this video preview of Griffin Barrow:


Daniel Shoneye is teaming up with some of the hottest guys on OnlyFans like our #5 pick Griffin Barrows to deliver sexy, hardcore gay content. If you love muscle worship, sexy inter-racial fucking, and tons of hardcore content, Daniel Shoneye is the perfect OnlyFans account to follow. 


Daniel Shoneye is an amazing top and loves getting his massive dick sucked. With 250+ videos and 150k+ likes, Daniel Shoneye’s OnlyFans, is making new content all the time that makes $9.99 more than well worth it.


Levy Van Wilgen has probably had more success building a massive social media following with his bulge than anyone else. Now with @levyx on OnlyFans, you can finally get a chance to see what’s beneath those sweats and more.


As his over 1,000,000 followers have caught on, Levy Van Wilgen is a straight dude. As typical with most straight guy’s OnlyFans, he hasn’t engaged in any hardcore man-on-man action. However, you will find other hot OnlyFans guys on his page jerking off and doing some other sexy activities. 


In his over 150 videos, you will also find some sex videos with women. If that gets you off, Levy Van Wilgen may be a great account to add.


Another straight guy on OnlyFans, Reno Gold loves stripping, pole dancing, and jerking off for his fans. Reno Gold’s approachable, boy-next-door personality makes his OnlyFans ideal if you love getting to know your favorite guys. He knows most of his fans are gay, so he wants to work hard for his fans.

He has a free OnlyFans that gives you a great preview of what you will get with Reno Gold’s paid OnlyFans account.

Reno Gold doesn’t mind playing with dildos or receiving blowjobs from other guys, so there may be some more exciting things in store for the future. 


Dean Young is a sexy, twinky gay boy who loves getting his bubble butt fucked – a lot. You can also catch Dean Young suck dicks, take some huge dildos, and get pounded by a bunch of beefy, muscled guys on his OnlyFans account. For $10.99 (50% before June 5), Dean Young’s OnlyFans is a great deal for the amount of hardcore sex videos available.


Dean Young was also part of the very hot Box Menswear trip to Thailand that almost broke Instagram, so you know he has collaborated with a ton of the other top guys on OnlyFans.


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    January 23, 2021 at 11:56 am

    I get it, they’re cute and I believe that sex work IS work, but what’s the extra edge OF has that makes people want to subscribe to porn? It’s free! I understand if the person takes specific requests, but otherwise I’m not paying for a wank sesh.

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